War Storm, a review and goodbye to a series I loved

War Storm

The Red Queen series is one that I’ve adored a lot. It began on a very high note and had a plot that was gripping with characters that felt fully fledged out in the first two books. But as the series ended, I found myself curious but not as emotionally invested to reach the ending of the series.

War Storm was a heavy book, with too many pages and not enough of that political scheming that the first book gave me. The romances felt flat and dull in comparison to the wildfire start of Mare and Cal. The book’s many narrators didn’t add value to the story and in all honesty, I wished that this book only had three to four perspectives, namely Mare, Maven, and Evangeline (maybe even Cal).

But while there were many things that didn’t work out for me, some did. I loved seeing the world through Maven’s eyes, and even more so adored Evangeline’s perspectives. It was nice to see how the divide between red and silver had cost each side some things. It was a well-explored world and the repercussions of each action were shown very well. Elara’s pride and her love for her son were twisted beyond repair and we saw Maven struggling with it too, albeit in the classic Maven way of cruel remarks and bitter musings. His actions did make a lot more sense now that we, the readers, were allowed to peek into his head.

There were many scenes that were heartwrenching in all the right ways, but the best part of the story? It’s ending. It felt so authentic to Mare and all the players that while I was left unsatisfied ( with lots of questions, and some wishes for less action scenes) I couldn’t fault the ending. It was beautiful and I would read this book once again just for that.

Mare who has always shined as a protagonist didn’t really spark much interest in this book, but Evangeline brought out a whole new conflict that shaped the ending in a way that had me questioning everything. Truly, Victoria Aveyard outshone herself while writing a character who has so many layers: because Evangeline Samos is without a doubt one of the best characters in the series.

War Storm might not be my favorite out of the entire series, but it’s authentic to its beginnings and ties up a lot of loose ends while making me love characters I never thought I would. If you loved Red Queen, and heard mixed reviews about this one and were planning not to continue forward, I would tell you to give it a chance just because it’ll help you feel better knowing that Norta will heal and that the societal divide between red and silver does have the potential to fade.Β 

Final Rating: 3.5 stars

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